Ponca City Virtual High School

Ponca City Virtual High School

Policies and Procedures

Admissions Policies

1) Student Populations Served by VHS:

a. Any Student, grades (9-12), who reside in the Ponca City School District and is current with credits

2) Basic Requirements:

a. The program must be deemed "Educationally Appropriate" for the individual. This will be determined by the VHS committee consisting of the Administrator, Counselor, and Teacher Advisor.

b. Student must be under the age of 21.

c. Student must reside in the Ponca City School District.

d. Student must be enrolled in the Ponca City School System.

e. Students have nine (9) calendar days at the beginning of each semester to enter or exit the Ponca City Virtual High School

f. Student must be enrolled "Full-Time" in the Ponca City School District (6 total Courses)

i. 6 Online courses OR

ii. 4 Core classes online and 2 electives at Ponca City High School OR

iii. 3 Core classes online and half-day enrollment at Pioneer Technology

iv. If a student chooses this "blended" option, the student's "Onsite" schedule will be adjusted so that their courses are bundled together at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day.

3) Technology Requirements:

a. PC with a Pentium Processor and Windows XP or Vista, or Macintosh with Macintosh OSX or higher

b. 256 MB RAM

c. 800 x 600 Resolution Monitor

d. DSL or T-1 or 56K modem internet access

e. Hard Drive with at least 1G free space available

f. A current browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari with popup blocking disabled, JavaScript enabled

4) Enrollment Process for "Application" Students:

a. Student must submit a completed Ponca City Virtual High School application to the High School Counseling Offices. A completed application must have the following signatures in order to be processed:

i. Signature Required for Acceptable Use of Technology Contract

ii. Signature Required by parent or legal guardian on the Oklahoma State Department of Education Student assessment Results Release Form or FERPA waiver

b. Application must be signed by Student and Parents.

c. Once accepted into VHS:

i. Administrator in Charge gives approval for enrollment and reserves the right to determine, by committee, the Educational Appropriateness of the Ponca City Virtual High School for each student.

ii. New Student is then enrolled into program

iii. Counselor determines courses needed.

5) Academic Year

a. VHS shall follow the Ponca City Public School Calendar

b. Semester Courses must be completed by the end of each term.

6) Add/Drop

a. When a student is added to the Ponca City Virtual High School, grades will be handled like any other "transfer" grade according to the Ponca City School District Policy

b. Students have nine (9) calendar days at the beginning of each semester to enter or exit the Ponca City Virtual High School

7) Appropriate Behavior and Use of Technology

a. Students and Online Teachers are responsible for their behaviors and are expected to comply with the Technology Acceptable Use Code of Conduct in the Ponca City School District which is located on the Ponca City Public School Website.

b. Virtual School Students must sign the Technology Acceptable Use Code of Conduct included in the application

8) Dismissal from the Program

a. Administrator in Charge may dismiss a student at any time from the Ponca City Virtual High School, if a student has violated their contractual agreement and or has been found out of Compliance with any other Ponca City School District rules and policies and or the following.

i. Violation of Academic/Attendance Contract

ii. Violation of Appropriate Behavior and use of Technology contract

iii. Violation of Technology Hardware Contract

Academic Policies

1) Online Attendance/Adequate Academic Progress

i. Students enrolled in supplemental online courses must meet all state mandated compulsory attendance requirements and are not exempt from state truancy laws

ii. Student will maintain a regular Schedule of logging on and accessing courses:

iii. If course is not accessed for 10 consecutive days or are behind 20 activities or more, student's course will be disabled and student will be dismissed from the Ponca City Virtual High School and dropped from the district rolls for "Non-Attendance"

2) Student will keep up with readings, course assignments, homework, quizzes, and tests.

3) Student shall submit assignments, quizzes and tests in timely manner according to course calendar.

4) Student shall work independently and understand that permanent dismissal from the Ponca City Virtual High School may take place for violations of plagiarism, cheating and fraud.

5) Student shall communicate with teachers and other students in a professional manner in accordance with the "Internet Acceptable Use" policy. The sending of offensive messages or pictures will not be sent, displayed, or downloaded. District harassment policies apply.

6) Student shall respect the rights and privacy of others.

7) Student will only use assigned password/ID and will not trespass into the files, folders, or work of other users.

8) Student shall follow all Ponca City School District Rules and Policies while logged on and participating in an online course.

9) All Tests/Cumulative Exams must be proctored and scheduled with the instructor.

10) Cumulative Exams will count as 80% of final grade in the course

11) All courses will have a mastery level of 60%

12) Grading

i. A letter grade will be posted on the transcript when course work is complete.

1. A (90-100)

2. B (80-89)

3. C (70-79)

4. D (60-69)

5. F (0-59)

6. NC -(No Credit)

13) Recognition of Credit

i. Congruent with the Ponca City School Districts policy on credit. Each Semester Course is worth (.5) credit.

ii. Appropriate high school credit will be granted for completion of the course.

iii. This credit will count toward high school graduation requirements.

14) Transfer Credit

i. Congruent with the Ponca City School District policy with transferring credits and grades.

15) Academic Integrity

i. Rules and policies regarding Cheating and Fraud are the same as set forth in the Ponca City School District policy manual

ii. Disciplinary action will be handled by the Administrator in Charge

16) Technology Access

i. Students must use their own computer

ii. The public library provides computer access

17) Special Education

i. When making application, the selection committee consisting of Administrator in Charge, Virtual Coordinator, School Psychologist, Teacher of Record, and Student's Parents/Guardian will meet to determine eligibility based on the Educational Appropriateness of online learning for each student on a case-by-case basis.

ii. Supports for personnel and accommodations set forth in a student's IEP or Section 504 Plan will determine whether or not the Ponca City Virtual High School is Educationally Appropriate

18) School Sponsored Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

i. Students enrolled in the Virtual High School may participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by the district in which they are enrolled in accordance with the state law regulations governing as set forth in 70.O.S.§ 1-1( C )(8)

19) End of Instruction Exams

i. Students enrolled in online courses must participate in required state-level academic assessments in the same manner as other regularly enrolled students within the state. No student will be allowed to enroll in an online course without submission of a signed Education Student Assessment Results Release Form or FERPA waiver

20) Progress Reports

i. All students enrolled in the Ponca City Virtual High School shall have access to their Progress Report, via the E2020 software, at any time.

ii. Parents may access the Progress Report of their student, by providing an email address.

iii. The Progress Report may be emailed to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly time table. The parent/guardian may choose the frequency they prefer.

21) Tuition

i. Regular Academic Year when enrolled as a "Full-Time" student. (6 total classes)

1. No Fee

a. Student may take courses as part of their 6 total courses. Anything over the 6 provided by the school will be at the student's expense

ii. First Time Credit ("Get Ahead")

1. Additional courses beyond the 6 already allocated

1. $125.00/semester course

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